Midnight Cowboy   7/15/19
by Gideon58
Somehow, Ratso has been able to squat in a dirty vacant apartment for years right in the middle of New York, something no one would be able to get away with today, but the story of Joe and Ratso's friendship was so compelling I was able to let this go as the dated plot element that it is.

Midnight Cowboy   2/14/17
by Roy C.
Joe Buck is probably the best character Jon Voight ever played, and Dustin as Ratzo Rizzo is nothing short of sublime...clearly dedicated to their roles.

Midnight Cowboy   1/07/15
by hello101
the whole lot, matter of fact, Midnight Cowboy was the first X-rated film to win an Oscar, beating out a John Wayne film (True Grit), ironic as Joe Buck imitates Wayne in certain scenes attempting to revive a dying gimmick and Joe himself, actually shuts out this phony personification in a heart-breaking yet uplifting scene at the end.

Midnight Cowboy   4/30/11
by JayDee
Voight as the slightly dim-witted, naive country bumpkin, Joe Buck, who comes to New York with grand dreams but slowly has them crushed.

Midnight Cowboy   1/19/08
by mark f
Naive young Texas rube Joe Buck (Jon Voight) decides to head to New York City where he plans to parlay his looks and lovemaking skills into becoming a rich stud for hire.

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