Midnight Cowboy   3/27/22
by Thief
At some point, he meets "Ratso" (Dustin Hoffman), a street con man, and despite a shaky start, they quickly become friends as they both struggle to survive in the harsh environment of the Big Apple.

Midnight Cowboy   1/22/22
by Takoma11
As Joe uses his shirt to wipe Ratso's face, Ratso just leans his head into Joe's torso, even lifting his arm to hold him by the hip.

Midnight Cowboy   10/02/21
by Citizen Rules
With Midnight Cowboy we see actual events, actual people and events as they occurred in time and captured on film.

Midnight Cowboy   7/15/19
by Gideon58
But the real selling points of this film are the breathtaking performances by Jon Voight as Joe Buck and Dustin Hoffman as Ratso Rizzo, which earned both actors Oscar nominations, and, I am of the opinion that this should have been the first Oscar Hoffman should have won.

Midnight Cowboy   1/07/15
by hello101
the whole lot, matter of fact, Midnight Cowboy was the first X-rated film to win an Oscar, beating out a John Wayne film (True Grit), ironic as Joe Buck imitates Wayne in certain scenes attempting to revive a dying gimmick and Joe himself, actually shuts out this phony personification in a heart-bre...

Midnight Cowboy   4/30/11
by JayDee
A touching, moving film with two tremendous performances. Worthy of its Oscar win? Yes probably. Will it win a place in my heart? Not quite I don't think.

Midnight Cowboy   1/19/08
by mark f
Naive young Texas rube Joe Buck (Jon Voight) decides to head to New York City where he plans to parlay his looks and lovemaking skills into becoming a rich stud for hire.

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