Amadeus   8/07/20
by Captain Spaulding
I know nothing of the real-life Salieri, but Antonio Salieri, movie character, is a talented composer with a prestigious role within the Emperor's palace.

Amadeus   7/26/20
by TheUsualSuspect
When the title card for the film came on and underneath Amadeus it said; Director's Cut, I knew I was in for a long-ass movie.

Amadeus   2/18/18
by Citizen Rules
The juxtaposition of Salieri, a man who makes a vow to his God, so that he can become a musical virtuoso...and Mozart, a musical genius who's vulgar to the nth degree, but seems to make music that is otherworldly and inspired by God himself.

Amadeus   5/08/17
by Gideon58
This film is a feast for the eyes and ears, as we watch lavish recreations of Mozart's greatest work and the conflicted reactions it brings to Salieri, who is driven inwardly crazy about the effortless skill in Mozart's work and Mozart's disdain of Salieri's, yet Salieri cannot deny the beauty and a...

Amadeus   1/26/15
by Iroquois
Though the extended edition clocks in at about 200 minutes in length, you barely feel it as the film traces Mozart's rise and fall through the eyes of Salieri, complete with excellent commentary from the older Salieri as he reflects on his past.

Amadeus   4/09/08
by mark f
The musical passages show the genius of Mozart, even if one of the points of the film is that Genius is not always bestowed upon the most worthy or the most holy.

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