The Aviator   8/05/21
by Rockatansky
I suspect Scorsese identified more than a little with Hughes as a creator and filmmaker (and like Hughes, he apparently sank his own money into the project to finish it), but based on a few of his movies, I suspect he has no great love for free enterprise, and the senate committee hearing scene in t...

The Aviator   1/05/19
by Citizen Rules
I just about bought a new TV set after watching the DVD of the The Aviator and thinking the color in my 10 year old plasma TV had went out making this gawd awful looking ugly cyan color.

The Aviator   10/08/18
by cricket
It's a great looking movie for the most part, yet there were times when I wondered if I was being fooled.

The Aviator   9/16/18
by pahaK
Scorsese's biography of Howard Hughes covers both his movie and aviation careers starting from shooting Hell's Angels in late 1920s and ending in late 1940s after the successful test flight of Hercules.

The Aviator   7/01/17
by Gideon58
The film opens during the 1920's on the set of Hughes' first directorial effort, an epic called Hell's Angels that Hughes has been working on for two years and gone way over budget and just when it looks like the film is about to wrap, The Jazz Singer is released and is a smash, so Hughes spends ano...

The Aviator   4/08/14
by JayDee
On top of this Scorsese also intersperses other visual sources to keep the film interesting and moving along; archive footage, newsreel footage and scenes from Hughes' old films.

The Aviator   8/20/05
by TheUsualSuspect
One of Marty's best films, ranking up with the likes of Taxi Driver and Goodfellas.

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