The Box   12/11/17
by Omnizoa
As ridiculous as this is, even this makes more sense than the mindboggling scenario in the movie where the presumed deaths are apparently caused by COMPLETELY unrelated scenarios going on simultaneously; one guy shooting his spouse in the chest for pressing the button which somehow saves their child, which then somehow then serves as the first death caused by Main Guy and Main Girl pressing the button which, for reasons undisclosed, blinds and deafens their child, only to be resolved by a second deal which involves Main Guy shooting Main Girl which serves as a death caused by pressing the button by AN ENTIRELY UNRELATED COUPLE...

The Box   10/31/15
by TheUsualSuspect
In his hand is a box, a box with a button.

The Box   8/16/10
by Tacitus
I'm sure that Rickard Kelly thought he was on to a winner here - The teenagers who got sucked into the Darko mythos have finished bleeding their parents through university and now want, like our loving couple here, a nice house in a nice suburb with a nice job and a nice spouse.

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