Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   7/29/21
by Citizen Rules
Citizen impressed with the film'...OK, I know enough of all that Besides if you haven't seen the film you don't know what the hell Citizen is talking about.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   3/17/21
by Takoma11
Both Ali and Emmi have a crisis of sorts in the final act of the film.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   10/09/18
by ScarletLion
Emmi is seen as the outsider here as she's taking away Ali from the young German girls.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   6/23/10
by The Prestige
For those who are not familiar with Fassbinder's most touching moment, it tells the story of two people with very different backgrounds who fall in love: Ali (El Hedi Ben Salem), a somewhat complex Moroccan immigrant living in Germany and Emmi, (Brigitte Mira) a much older woman who herself is lonel...

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