Transformers   10/19/07
by The Gnat
The story, itself, was pretty good, some interesting back story, nothing spectacular in the story, but in a movie like this the story is secondary to the action, generally.

Transformers   10/12/07
by James_Sparrow
Overall i'm so glad I went into this movie with bad expectations cause I was blown away more so that I would have if I were a fan of Bay's.

Transformers   7/05/07
by Sexy Celebrity
Her name is Sister Mary Lobdale (pictured), she's 61 years old, has only been married to God for 11 years now, and boy does she look psyched after seeing Transformers.

Transformers   7/03/07
by Yoda
What makes the good guys good and the bad guys bad is their diverging opinions on the "Allspark," a device with the power to create entire worlds and transform ordinary machines into sentient fighting robots.

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