The Grand Budapest Hotel   10/13/18
by Gatsby
The latter characteristic of those shots is noticeable when Anderson transitions from the brightly pink Grand Budapest Hotel to the blue/white buildings that surround Agatha, as well as her faded brown clothes.

The Grand Budapest Hotel   6/14/16
by Gideon58
Anderson was also nominated for his direction and there aren't a lot of wrong moves made here...a director who has developed a growing rep company with each film and somehow manages to create the perfect marriages of character and actor while never neglecting the technical aspects of perfecting stor...

The Grand Budapest Hotel   2/04/15
by Citizen Rules
Gustave, who's the head concierge at the world renown Grand Budapest Hotel, and the story of his newest employee, a refugee named Zero.

The Grand Budapest Hotel   10/01/14
by Jack1
It's based on Stefan Zweig's writings, but it really feels like a thoroughly original work - I certainly can't think of another film like it, and I'm sure you could say that about most of Anderson's films.

The Grand Budapest Hotel   6/30/14
by kkl10
Eccentric Gustave H, prominent concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel, and his newly employed lobby boy Zero Moustafa live the end of the hotel's golden age as the war approaches the state of Zubrowka.

The Grand Budapest Hotel   6/30/14
by seanc
Gustave H and Zero (Abraham) are to be added to the long line of impeccable Anderson characters.

The Grand Budapest Hotel   3/08/14
by Cobpyth
We start seeing a girl read a book called "The Grand Budapest Hotel" on a cemetery, then we see the writer of that book tell us about how it is based on a story that he picked up somewhere and then we see the writer in his younger years (played by Jude Law) visiting a 'decayed' hotel.

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