The Purple Rose of Cairo   9/27/22
by KeyserCorleone
Another postmodern piece by the man who Americanized Bergman and Fellini, this delightful Depression-era Rom-Com focuses on a waitress who's down on her luck and finds escapism through the movies, until the lead character of one movie reveals himself to have a consciousness and LEAVES THE MOVIE to b...

The Purple Rose of Cairo   9/01/15
by Citizen Rules
He plays duel roles, one role is the silent movie character who walks off the silver screen and into the real world.

The Purple Rose of Cairo   8/27/13
by Gideon58
She goes to see the movie of the title several times and then at one show, the main character in the movie (played by Jeff Daniels)speaks to Celia directly from the screen saying, "You must really love this movie, don't you?"

The Purple Rose of Cairo   5/04/13
by The Gunslinger45
The Hollywood studios are even called in because now the fear is that other characters from other movies or the same character in other cities may try to escape from the movie.

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