Night of the Living Dead   3/03/16
by MovieMeditation
The parallels to the time, place and historical significance is obvious whether intended or not and the very impact of it is unmistakably obvious even more so, once Bens dead body ends up being burned on a bonfire together with the fallen zombies and looking at that closing montage completely out o...

Night of the Living Dead   6/10/14
by The Rodent
The small budget also lead to Romero using cheap 35mm black and white film, which in the end, actually makes the film look more memorable.

Night of the Living Dead   3/10/14
by The Gunslinger45
And one of the best films in that regard is Night of the Living Dead.

Night of the Living Dead   11/17/10
by MovieMad16
Overall its not a classic film but it is a good film.

Night of the Living Dead   11/26/08
by TheUsualSuspect
It has not only influenced other zombie films, but the horror genre in general.

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