Taxi Driver   1/17/21
by mark f
Taxi Driver is definitely a film to be seen, and I'm now begrudgingly allowing myself to come to almost admit that I can "like" or "enjoy" it.

Taxi Driver   11/06/19
by KeyserCorleone
Taxi Driver doesn't really feel like the essential Scorsese flick, but it does feel like the practice Scorsese had acquired from directing Mean Streets and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore was coming into bloom.

Taxi Driver   11/25/17
by Citizen Rules
In the final act I was hoping the relationship between Jodie Foster's 12 year old prostitute and her would be hero, the taxi driver, would be dynamic and would power the last part of the film.

Taxi Driver   7/17/17
by Okay
Another complaint I have is how some symbolism in the film got in the way of its logic, for example, near the end, when Travis has shaved his head and attended the public rally, he is positioned in a way that makes him stand out from the crowd, but how come the Secret Service agent hasn't noticed hi...

Taxi Driver   2/09/16
by Omnizoa
*SPOILERS* It's strange that a movie like Taxi Driver, with a reputation for "greatest movie of all time" nearing that of Citizen Kane (another movie I haven't seen yet), feels so...

Taxi Driver   7/15/15
by Iroquois
Part of the reason that Taxi Driver has managed to stay a major favourite for well over a decade is because, underneath its character study of "God's lonely man" that has been often imitated but never bettered, it still remains a mercurial film that oozes with personality and offers up an immersive ...

Taxi Driver   3/15/15
by Gatsby
Taxi Driver is the kind of movie that comes out once every few decades.

Taxi Driver   3/13/15
by Plan B
With zero anticipation on Scorsese's part of Taxi Driver being a phenomenon of any kind - though he certainly wanted to be noticed as a director - the film hit theaters in February of 1976, far from awards season.

Taxi Driver   5/12/14
by Jack1
At its heart, Taxi Driver is a character study, that character being Travis Bickle, a lonely, insomniac taxi driver in New York City.

Taxi Driver   3/16/14
by The Gunslinger45
Taxi Driver is often named as one of the greatest movies Martin Scorsese has ever made, and it has made quite a few lists of the greatest movies ever made.

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