Like Someone in Love   3/15/17
by Camo
He seemed to film from the exact right distance away and at the right angle that the character you were watching and listening to speak looked like they would from your vision if you were actually sitting across from them (hope that made sense haha), the only difference was that sometimes you were a...

Like Someone in Love   11/03/15
by Chypmunk
That their two lives become entangled beyond this brief encounter however is less believable, quite why a busy client would interrupt his life beyond their dalliance is never satisfactorily defined and although it is from that moment on that the film began to build interest for me it is also where i...

Like Someone in Love   10/15/13
by seanc
What I dislike: Kiarostami reminds me of Haneke in that his films are great but his writing and story telling style is such that I never fall in love with the characters.

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