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Batman Returns

Batman Returns
Directed By: Tim Burton

"The Greatest Comic Book movie ever"

This is my favourite Batman movie of them all. I have always swayed back and fourth with Batman Returns, and The Dark Knight, but i have finally decided Batman Returns is far more superior in every way. Ime not really a Tim Burton fan, I find alot of his movies a little to strange for my liking, But!!.... I love his Batman movies. Batman returns is everything a Batman movie should be, and more.

Neither Tim Burton nor Michael Keaton had been signed up in advance for a sequel; Burton came on board only after the script met all his demands (he hadn't been entirely happy with the first "Batman"'s screenplay), whilst Keaton only agreed to do the second film after a serious hike in salary.
Tim Burton's Batman is unique in every way, the film has so many characters yet feels so well made, and flows nicely. There are no characters going to waste, there is nothing crammed together or thrown in just for the sake of it. Everything, and everyone has a meaning, which is something comic book movies don't really do well with today. Batman Returns is probably the darkest comic book movie ever made, something Tim Burton does incredibly well, and something comic book movies are still trying to achieve now. Is it more successful for them to be dark?.. I think so, well I personally enjoy them a lot more that way, and it's part of the reason why i love this movie.

I've reviewed this movie in the past, but after a recent viewing I wanted to write a little more about why this movie is incredible. First of, the cast!. Batman Returns has an all star cast. A cast that on paper may look a little strange, but on film are all fantastic. Catwoman is the highlight of this movie for me, she's dark, cold, dangerous, and hot. Every scene she's in she steals the show. Micheal Keaton is fantastic as Bruce Wayne and Batman. He's probably my favourite actor to take on the role. All in all the cast are all exceptional.

Danny DeVito spent two hours a day in make-up. He was forbidden to describe the Penguin's makeup to anyone, including his family.
Overall Batman Returns is faultless. Everything is perfection down to the bone. The cast, the theme, the story, everything is done incredibly well, and looks amazing. This is easily the best Batman movie ever made, it's the best comic book movie ever made.