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City Lights

City Lights (1931)

WONDERFUL! This is the third Chaplin movie I've seen (I already saw The Circus and The Great Dictator) and this may be his best yet. It's a brilliant mix between slapstick humor and romantic drama with one of the most famous movie characters of all time, Charlie Chaplin's 'The Tramp'.

The Tramp is walking around in the city and suddenly he sees a blind girl selling flowers. He gives her his last money, because she's so beautiful and so sweet and he immediately falls in love with her.
After this meeting, in the evening, he sees a drunk man trying to commit suicide by throwing himself in the water with a rope connected to a rock. He saves the man and he gets invited to the man's home. He seems to be an eccentric millionaire and when The Tramp convinces the millionaire that life is worth living for, they go to a night club and get drunk.
When they arrive back at the house, early in the morning, The Tramp sees the blind girl again and he decides to buy all her flowers with some cash he gets from the extremely drunk millionaire.
During the story, the girl also falls in love with him and The Tramp decides to help her, so she can pay an operation for her eyes. There are some complexities, though. The millionaire only seems to know The Tramp when he's drunk and the flower girl thinks The Tramp is actually a very rich man. She also has to pay the rent for her apartment very quickly or she and her grandmother will land on the street...

This wonderful tale is brought to us in a funny, yet very charming way with some wonderful (sometimes touching) acting by everyone who's involved in the movie and of course the famous, pefectly fitting music, composed by Charlie Chaplin himself.
This film is the result of great filmmaking and it shows us how much of a genius Chaplin was directing-, writing- and acting-wise. This film is a silent masterpiece.
I rate it: