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I'm going to venture into the X-Men.


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine...perfect. James Marsden as Cyclops...wait...what?

X-Men came in 2000 and caused a huge re-emergence in superhero films, which is good...usually. This was also about the time when Marvel began to get the upper-hand in the film industry. X-Men started a franchise and is remembered today as one of the best of the franchise.

Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) has a school for mutants, and in this world, mutants are gifted with extraordinary powers. Erik Lehnsherr or as he prefers...Magneto (Ian McKellen) also leads a group of mutants...however he is determined to wipe out humanity because of their refusal to accept mutants.

Perhaps one of the reasons the film is so popular with people is because anybody can relate to a character in the film. The characters range from good to bad, with high moral values to low morals, with respect for people and no respect, there is a character for everyone.

The film isn't perfect though. The special effects and pacing are dodgy and seem rushed. The X-Men go from hanging out at school to wrecking havoc against Magneto on the Statue Of Liberty in about a minute. Also when Halle Berry makes that joke about a toad and lightning...it's cringeworthy.

Overall X-Men is a good movie and one of the better of the superhero genre. Hugh Jackman was born to play Wolverine and audiences love him...apparently. The sequel to X-Men however, blew this one away.