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Lets do one of my favourites from the 80's...

Fright Night (1985)

Hey PeterVincent? What's your favourite vampire movie? Well, it's probably the one in which there is an actual character called Peter Vincent.

The film centres around a schoolboy named Charlie Brewster, who after peeking through his window at his new neighbour discovers that vampires exist and his neighbour Jerry is one of the creatures of the night.

What makes this movie so good? Or bad? Well it's the 80's style, over-the-top acting and special effects that make the movie what I call a 'guilty pleasure'. The film has more cheese than a Joel Schumacher movie, and yet manages to entertain from start to finish.

One of the best things about the movie is Peter Vincent played by Roddy McDowell, a TV show host who is paid by Charlie's friends to help him. The character is funny, cheesy and somehow kicks vampire hide even at an old age.

The film is filled with some of the best practical effects i've ever seen (mainly the wolf transformation towards the end) and the remake is well worth a look too.

Overall Fright Night is a very entertaining movie, and bring your nachos because there is plenty of melted cheese with this 80's flick.