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The Incredibles

Part Of Rodent's 5 Review Pixar Marathon

Review #120 (5th of 5): The Incredibles

In a world where Superheroes (known as "Supers") exist but have been barred from using their powers, the Parr family have been forced into living a relatively normal life in the city of Metroville, with their true identities hidden from the world outside.
The father, Bob, goes to work in a pretty dead-end job but dreams of using his powers once again.
When a certain turn of events unfold in front of him at work, he shows his powers and his temper and loses his job... but more unexpected adventure awaits around the corner that will bring him and his entire family of Supers out of retirement... to save the world one last time.

Once again, Pixar have hit every nail right on the head.
Tapping into the spat of Superhero movies of the 2000s, they've created a relatively seen-before set of characters and events, but it's the classic nature and nostalgic feel of the movie mixed with top writing that brings out the excitement.

There's also lashing of situation comedy and that famous Pixar 'world appropriate' humour throughout the movie. With it being the superhero genre, it gives the humour much more of an explosive and loud-fun element compared to other Pixar movies.

The screenplay and overall writing, including dialogue are also bang on the money.
It's very well pieced together... you actually feel as if you know who these characters are, even after barely 10 minutes of running time. The audience connection is tip top.

The filmmakers have also had the great idea of giving the movie an Avengers/Justice League feel with the main family too: All with differing powers and differing personalities, all having to band together to save the day.
It adds such a fresh feel to the proceedings and the action.

The Incredibles though is really about the exciting action scenes and showing of the various powers of our Heroes. It's by far and away Pixar's most exciting movie. With the wonderfully colourful animation and the CGI itself being remarkably well rendered, it gives the more pacey scenes much more depth.
It's also brilliantly put together in 'choreography' terms too.

Piecing all of those things together and getting the final product to be as good as this, really couldn't have been easy... but Pixar's team of Superheroes managed it really very well.

The voicecasting is also a work of genius.
Craig T Nelson as Bob Parr/'Mr Incredible'.
Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/'Elastigirl'.
Spencer Fox as Dashiell Parr/'Dash'.
Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr.
Samuel L Jackson makes a nice appearance as Frozone, Mr Incredible's best pal. His natural loud persona gives the role an extra depth of humour and he plays off Nelson brilliantly.
Jason Lee steals the show though as antagonist Syndrome (real name Buddy). He extremely inept but actually gives the audience the threat of danger needed to keep the story going.

All actors involved though, whether it's the action scenes, the humour or some of the more emotional dramatic scenes... manage to hit their marks every time.

All in all, not Pixar's best work, but it's certainly the most exciting and has little dramatic scenes thrown in for good measure too.
Combining elements from many different seen-before-ideas and turning up the heat, The Incredibles is the kind of movie that is perfect for getting the whole family together on a Saturday night. It's simply lots of fun.
My rating 97%