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Edward Scissorhands

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Review #111: Edward Scissorhands

Avon Lady and homemaker Peg Boggs, in desperate need of cash, decides to go to the house at the end of her street to sell some of her Avon goodies.
The house in question is said to be haunted and, physically the house resembles something out of a Dracula movie.
Entering the dilapidated house after nobody answers the door, she finds a lone man called Edward, dressed in leather and with scissors where his hands should be.
Taking almost a pity on this loner, she takes him to her own home and her family welcome him in as one their own. But circumstances beyond Edward's control see him going from neighbourhood celebrity, to a wanted man and scape-goat, conveniently accused of things he hasn't done.

One of Burton's best movies sees Johnny Depp in the role that threw him into the minds of mainstream movie fans.
The overall movie won't appeal to everyone, but Burton's direction has created a very clever visual movie that uses pastel-colour and non-colour to show the themes of contrasting sides of life, society, prejudice, fear and difference.

The overall screenplay is also very well pieced together. The movie succesfully captures the frustrations of the normal person, and mixes them with naivety of both Edward and the naive mentality of the people that are around him.

The movie also contains a lot of situational humour and fish-out-of-water humour too.
In Burton's usual style, he also mixes into it a gothic undertone at the same time.
There's little to no action involved, but there are a few hits of tension and some wonderfully written emotional scenes too between Depp And Winona Ryder.

The acting is pretty good for the type of film.
Dianne Wiest is very engaging as the homemaker and initial protagonist Peg Boggs.
Winona Ryder is also pretty good as Kim Boggs, Peg's daughter and love interest to Edward. I'm not a fan of Ryder but she hits the role brilliantly. I'd say it's probably one of her best.

Johnny Depp as Edward though, obviously is the stand out role in the movie. His portrayal of the quiet, innocent loner, who looks at the strange new world around him with a wide eyed wonder, is wonderfully real and funny at times too.
It's also the role that brought Depp and Ryder together in real life.

All in all, not a perfect movie, but certainly makes an impression on the viewer with the visuals and the overall love story being so well written.
Burton's gothic touches are also well placed and set the film apart from most other Frankenstein-esk love stories.
My rating 93%