Edward Scissorhands   9/20/18
by KeyserCorleone
While Batman did have its share of Gothic scenery and sets, Edward Scissorhands is the film that really shows Burton's style at its most recognizable form.

Edward Scissorhands   8/14/17
by MovieMeditation
To some people, this story might simply be nothing but sleet and slush, but if the Christmas spirit is in town, it is tough not to surrender to the lovely, lighthearted family horror, which plays out in this heavenly tale about the legend, Edward Scissorhands and told inside a story perfectly sculp...

Edward Scissorhands   9/13/12
by Daniel M
Edward Scissorhands is certainly not a bad film by Tim Burton, but in my opinion it could have been much better, once we begin with Edwards easy acceptance from the locals we know things can only get worse and the ending is both inevitable and easy.

Edward Scissorhands   6/30/12
by The Rodent
Johnny Depp as Edward though, obviously is the stand out role in the movie.

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