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Passchendaele (2008)
Directed by: Paul Gross
Written by: Paul Gross

In my opinion there are not that many well done WWI movies, the combat scenes and authenticity in this movie are by far the best I have seeen so far on trench warfare. This movie really shows how much Canada got screwed over in WWI, their casualty rating was disgusting and hard to imagine and that is what I really think was shown in this film. The love story felt like it could have been left out, I am guessing that they just needed some filler because the love story did not make me feel any different about the outcome one way or the other.

Michael Dunne (Paul Gross) get's badly injured during a battle so he is shipped back to Canada to help out the war effort on his home soil. David Mann is a young man wanting to enlist in the army to fight but there is one drawback, he has asthma, David's girlfriends father is a doctor and does not approve of there relationship so he signs a paper saying David's Asthma is gone and he is free to enlist. During all this there is the love story part between Michael Dunne and Sarah Mann (David's older sister), when David leaves for Europe Michael feels it is his job to go along and try to protect him.

This movie has some major religious undertones and overtones in it especially at the end which almost made me choke because it was so in your face. I think this movie has some of the most authentic and graphic trench warfare scenes out of any movie that I have ever heard of, if you like war films and have not seen this one then you have to watch it.