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Review #11: Predator.
Ok, another alien sci-fi, but hey, it's my forte.
A heavy hitting cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Sonny Landham.
Based in a Central American Jungle, a Special Forces Group go in search of what they think is a Cabinet Minister and his company, whom found themselves lost across a National Border and end up captured by an enemy force.
Their mission is to go into the danger zone, find the V.I.Ps and bring them home.
They hit their targets with ease, these guys are the best of the best of the best…

… yet find themselves picked off one by one from a strange and upsetting outside force.

One of the men in the Special Forces group is seriously spooked from the deaths of his team-mates and says of what’s killing them off: "It ain’t no man".
Extremely guerrilla film making, relatively low budget with most of the cash spared for the special effects, this movie is an absolute must see for any sci-fi fan.

A well written yet extremely simple storyline make for even more entertainment.
The very well and simply written characters and their personas are even more of a bonus to the film.

Arnie is at his best, as too are the other actors for what they’re worth, the director John McTiernan has eeked the most and the best from the cast. Keeping in mind Arnie’s English was almost non-existent at the time of filming, both Arnie and McTiernan did an exceptional job.

One thing that makes the movie great, is the fact that even after only a short amount of screen-time, you still give a sh*t about the characters. Awesome.

If sci-fi isn’t your thing, still watch. Horror, intrigue and fear are the order of the day for any first time watchers.

The special effects, even for the mid-80s, are spectacular and have even set the benchmark for every Predator film that has followed since, yet has never been bettered.
A sense of claustrophobia is felt throughout the entire movie, the jungle setting adds to that and the sci-fi feel never lets up as you always feel as though you’re being watched by something other-worldly. Again, awesome.

By far the best, and probably ever will be the best Predator movie and very close to being the best movie in my Library.

The perfect horror for first time watchers with a chunk of action thrown in and, yet, also the perfect 'horror action' for 'vets' of the movie.
For me, just near the perfect movie.

My rating: 94%