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Green Lantern
Martin Campbell, 2011

Through the slew of mediocre reviews this was receiving, I was very skeptical of seeing it. But ultimately, I was offered to go with a friend for free so I figured why not. The only real thing I had to waste was time, and I wasnít really doing anything when he asked. This is a real summer film if Iíve ever seen one. By that I mean there wasnít really much to it at all, other than the action of course. Surprisingly enough, it was even slightly lacking on that as well. I do understand that it is a starter film of a series, so Iím not incredibly disappointed about the lack of much action.

When I first heard that it was going to be focusing on two worlds I was interested to see how it was going to play out. I saw Thor previously this summer, and I thought they handled it quite well, with a good half of the film taking place on another planet. I was expecting something similar in this, but instead almost the entire film takes place on earth with only about fifteen minutes of the film taking place on another planet.

Ryan Reynolds did a decent job at playing the superhero role, though Iíve never read a Green Lantern comic. My only problem is that he played Deadpool, another comic book character, in Marvelís Wolverine. There has to be some sort of conflict of interest there, but then again after how poorly it did, I donít think weíll be seeing him as Deadpool again.

I canít really find much to say about this at all, because I honestly canít find anything good or bad to say about it all. It was just a mediocre action film fun to watch, but not something I can myself going back to watch over and over again. At least itís not the worst film of the summer yet Ė that title still belongs to the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, which was completely pointless to make in the first place.