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Jackie Brown

Connor Macgregor Reviews...Jackie Brown

Quentin Tarentino you can't deny is an audience favourite and pays homage to different genres that were forgotten about in the past. With Jackie Brown, Its a return to Blaxploitation with a twist, and in my eyes, his best film to date.

44 year old flight attendant Jackie Brown gets caught with gun dealer Ordell Robbie's money and to get the ATF off her back she sets up Ordell with her new friend, a bail bondsman named Max Cherry. But what the ATF doesn't know, is that they are part of her wild plan to get Ordell's half million dollars and get off scott free. However, she has to do it under the noses of both Ordell, the ATF man and a local cop. What she doesn't know is Ordell's blonde beach bunny wants the money for herself as does Ordell's ex-con friend

This is easily Tarentino's best film by a long shot. For once, every character is different and not similar like in Tarentino's other films. Pam Grier plays a character with not much to lose, so she decides to go all out and get something for herself. She knows both cops and criminals and is useful to both sides. Samuel L Jackson plays one of the funniest yet most hateful villians in modern cinema. He is a badass who will do anything to get what he wants. Robert De Niro is underplayed in this film, but is funny none the less. Then there is Michael Keaton who plays the cop from another film (But seeing as the film was based off a novel, the author had the same character from another novel which was also made into a film). He is sort of a cocky anti hero but with a good heart. And there is Bridget Fonda who is funny but underplayed. Robert Forster is also very good in this film and plays a love interest to Pam Grier's character.

One thing that Tarentino Films always do best at is the music. There is always one or two songs that catch your taste and you can't help but sing along with. With my case, there was two in the film, but there were loads of others that were just as good. The Camera Work is equally as good and makes the story alot more interesting.

Overall, Jackie Brown is Quentin Tarentino's best film. Its a great story, with great characters as well as awesome music and cinematography, this is an underrated gem.

Rating - 100% - A+