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Tron: Legacy-

Upon repeat viewing, which I highly recommend, I now recognize the potential from this film's creation. The graphics are stellar and immersive, even more so than Avatar. You're brought into another world right inside your computer or your cell phone. It's wicked, dude.

The score is one of perfection and the film's strong suit. Connecting the soundtrack to the visuals is done so artfully that future films should look to this flick to figure out how to get it done. The high points of the film are accompanied by grand crescendos on the part of Daft Punk. It's wicked, dude.

The philosophy is one that repeat viewings really brings to the surface. When you embrace Tron: Legacy's minor flaws you can dig deep into the writing and its themes. They are splendid and insightful, ranging from fascism to freedom. There's plenty of room for interpretations with this flick. It's wicked, dude.

Finally, the ending left open a wide door for future films to follow. Many more new worlds to discover. The one place where man hasn't been before. Pure inspiration and creativity. This flick will spawn new and grander films to follow. It's wicked, dude.