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Jackass 3-D
(directed by Jeff Tremaine, 2010)

The Jackass boys have run out of steam. Their poop is still going strong, but maybe that's the problem. I'm a big fan of the first two Jackass movies, but the third film is nothing but a tired, exhausted formula at play. The shocking scenes don't even shock me anymore. I have become desensitized and Johnny Knoxville and his gang failed to go where no Port-A-Potty has gone before.

Yes, this time the dung lovin' danger boys from Miss Knoxville's 4th grade Special Ed class have filmed their crazy, often disgusting stunts in Real 3-D. I was not all that impressed with the 3-D, but I've heard a lot of people saying they really outdid themselves. I don't see how. In my opinion, it didn't work and the gimmick seemed just like a way to compensate for the sheer lack of creativity that this film brought. It is a complete retread of things they did in the last two films, but it almost seems like some stuff was left out. For example, where were the crazy scenes with Spike Jonze dressed up as an old person? They were missing and I was hissing. Knoxville himself dressed up as the perverted grandpa again in a scene that was, eh, kinda funny, but could have been much better.

When one of the 3-D highlights of the film is just seeing Rip Taylor throw his confetti at the end of the movie, something's wrong. Maybe it's just me, but I don't always find the stupid daredevil stunts that the boys do all that exciting. A few good ones do come to mind, so if you don't wanna be spoiled, read no further. One of the guys - I forget who - sits in front of an airplane engine and is almost blown away. A beautiful train set is hijacked by an ass volcano -- guess what happens when it erupts. A trip to the dentist leads to a Lamborghini driving away with someone's crooked tooth. Also, a Port-A-Potty does actually go where no Port-A-Potty has probably not been to before -- consequently, if you're inside the Port-A-Potty, this means your clothes have no choice but to turn brown.

There's also a bar fight with midgets and April Margera finds her hotel experience less than stellar thanks to a gorilla on the loose in her suite -- and if you need more proof that this Jackass entry is lacking, it's not even a real gorilla, it's a man in a costume.

Overall, I was disappointed, but it's still a decent way to spend some movie watching time. If they do a 4th film, they better rethink things and try to get more original and more shocking. These Jackass boys are just starting to feel old -- maybe it's the curse of the new decade. They are starting to feel like 10 years ago. I recommend that they don't do another Jackass movie until the boys still haven't grown up in their 60's. Let's see them accomplish these stunts as senior citizens -- they seem to be fixated on dressing up as senior citizens, anyway. Think of the new things they could do with their poop by then.