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Adam Resurrected

Adam Resurrected (Paul Schrader 2008)

I'm a fan of Jeff Goldblum, even his lesser and smaller roles. I have been waiting for him to have a lead role for a while, unfortunately this wasn't the film I hoped it would be. Goldblum makes good with his character all the same.

The plot is alittle hard to follow and even when its over some aspects are open to interpretation. Adam Stein (Goldblum) is a Jewish clown/preformer who survived WWII at the mercy of a Nazi commander (William Defoe) by imitating a dog for the commanders entertainment. During that time his family were sent to the gas chambers. We find Adam in a institute for holocoast survivors years later where he is treated like a celebrity, preforms miricales and has a sexual relationship with the head nurse. All until a new resident changes things for him and makes him deal with his painful past.

Adam Resurrected begins with mystries that you presume will be explained as the movie plays out but not much is revealed in the end or at least not clearly. In the end your left with a bunch of strange scenes that you have to make sense of yourself. The only redeemable thing about this film is Goldbum's performace, even if his Jewish accent is hard to understand at times, his character is entertaining and passionate.

Worth watching to see Goldblum but thats all.