9   10/17/09
by zedlen
Elijah Wood is the voice of the central doll 9#, his voice works for the character, the ambitious, curious doll.

District 9   9/15/09
by zedlen
The CGI is first class, the way the prawns interact with the environment and real people looks life like.

Inglourious Basterds   9/01/09
by zedlen
In fact this movie was marketed on the back of a lot of misleading hype but that doesn't take away from some great scenes, unique and memorable characters and a killer soundtrack.

The Soloist   8/29/09
by zedlen
Downey plays a character similar to what has become typical of him in last few movies, confident, in your face professional type who is willing to go the extra mile to do the job or get the story, every bit as good as Foxx in my opinion.

Adam Resurrected   8/06/09
by zedlen
The only redeemable thing about this film is Goldbum's performace, even if his Jewish accent is hard to understand at times, his character is entertaining and passionate.

Dracula   4/16/09
by zedlen
This is a much more passionate and perverse story as far as vampire stories go, it is like most vampire stories because it does follow the basic vampire story guide lines, vampire seduces girl, vampire is hunted etc.

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