9   10/17/09
by zedlen
The originality, creativity and thought that went into [i]9[/i] make up for its few short comings.

District 9   9/15/09
by zedlen
A strong underlying message but a weak movie in the end.

Inglourious Basterds   9/01/09
by zedlen
[i]Inglourious Basterds[/i] could have been a great movie, could have been his masterpiece, it had all the right ingredients but it just wasn't put together right.

The Soloist   8/29/09
by zedlen
Despite the storytelling losing focus, Foxx and Downey never do. This is a a heart-wrenching story that is more then worth your time.

Adam Resurrected   8/06/09
by zedlen
Worth watching to see Goldblum but thats all.

Bram Stoker's Dracula   4/16/09
by zedlen
If you can look past some corney effects, Keanu and Winona's poor acting and a few disjointed scenes this is a rich and passionate version of Dracula that is worth seeing.

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