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Terminator Salvation

Terminator: Salvation (McG, 2009)

I have been waiting to see this movie for awhile for a couple of months now, and this past week has had me a little weary because I started seeing a bunch of negative reviews for it. Something Iíve learned, though, is to not listen to other peopleís negative reviews, because I ended up being happy with this. Yeah, it wasnít great or anything, but itís still a good movie nonetheless. It was a big step up from Wolverine and just a little bit of a step down from Star Trek. Iíve never really been a big fan of the Terminator series actually, I really only liked Judgment Day. The first and third were alright, but I never really liked them all that much. I would probably say that this is my second favorite of the series, itís definitely better than the first and third, but it doesnít even come close to Judgment Day. This was such a great movie to see in theaters, though, because the action is extremely well done.

Thatís actually the best thing about the movie; the action was very well done. Some of the action scenes looked fake due to the CGI, but even though it didnít look, it still had something to do it that was visually appealing. It sure as hell looked miles better than Wolverineís crappy effects, which is actually probably the worst use of CGI that Iíve ever seen. The plot wasnít half bad either; it followed the Terminator series storyline pretty well. I heard a lot of people complaining about the plot, but it flowed just right, if you ask me. There wasnít a moment where it got slow enough to bore me, but the entire movie didnít focus just on the action scenes. The scenery is pure art, though, which may be reason why I thought the somewhat fake looking effects looked visually appealing. Itís what Iíve wanted to see in a Terminator movie since I ever saw the first one. I do wish they couldíve followed the original Terminatorís storyline some more, though, like using the dogs to detect the Terminators. Or Kyle Reese getting his barcode on his arm while heís trapped at Skynet.

I have to agree with what Iíve been hearing about Connorís character, though. I got really sick of him being so vain throughout the movie; at least he did get a little better towards the end. Whenever he came on screen, it was just me, me, me with him. It got a little annoying after awhile. I donít know why they went that way his character either, because he wasnít like that in Judgment Day or Rise Of The Machines. I also couldnít help but to laugh whenever I heard him scream on screen, most people should probably know why. At least if youíve heard his freak-out on the set you would. Sam Worthington was surprisingly pretty great in this, if you ask me. For an unknown actor to me, he really surprised me, because he was the best actor in the movie. I wish that Kate couldíve gotten some more screen-time, though, because she was one of the main things about Rise Of The Machines, and she was severely underplayed in this. Anton Yelchin did a pretty great job, though. Iíve always thought that he was a pretty underrated actor.

If youíre putting off watching this because of the negative reviews, Iíd say that you should still give it a try. I think fans of the Terminator series will appreciate it. If you do see it, Iíd strongly advise seeing it in theaters, because action movies are always meant to be seen in theaters. Something Iíve noticed is that 2009 has been a pretty crappy year for movies, at least compared to 2008. I sure hope that itíll improve during the second half of the year. Thatís usually when we get the better movies of the year, anyway. Iíd probably say that this is my second favorite movie of the summer so far, but I hope thatíll change before the summers end.