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Another one of those movies where I just didn't have much thoughts:


This was another movie I was not looking forward to from Lime’s List. I’ve never actually wanted to see a Woody Allen film. First, he comes off as kind of a creep. Like marrying the 26 year old Soon-Yi Previn, plus his former wife adopted her, now that’s just creepy man. This film does deal with that subject line, and that’s kind of what put me off it, it’s just creepy!

Luckily, he made it moderately funny. I like comedy movies that are actually about dialogue like Kevin Smith’s films. It wasn’t the most hilarious thing ever, but it was worth it.

Woody does surround himself with talented actors and actresses. Woody does play the ‘neurotic, writing, New Yorker’ part well, Meryl Streep can be a real Bee-ya, Diane Keaton is just friggin’ hot. The one disappointment was Oscar nominee Mariel Hemingway. She just sounded so tired throughout the whole thing, I wanted to give her a pillow.

But it was well shot. You can tell Allen has a very intense love for everything about New York just doing the opening scene, which has to be one of the best showings of NYC I’ve seen. Plus, he used those medium-ranged shots during conversations. I hate movies that use the close-ups and just edit a boatload of shots together. It gets annoying.

The best thing? The music. Film scores can be good, like The Dark Knight, or Psycho, and well worth listening to. But to get the feel of New York, you have to listen to a New Yorker’s music collection.

I’m not sure what else to say besides it’s probably worth a see if you want, but not much else.