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Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia (1 view)

This four hour deconstruction of war epic takes place across the heavily symbolic and beautiful Arabian dessert , it's acting performances are those of the highest caliber and it's cinematography alone conveys a huge array of emotions.

Lawrence of Arabia is a movie that requires patience , more than any film I've ever enjoyed so much. It does not ever misplace it's excitement , but it's sometimes camel pacing can produce the rare boring moment (which fits well in the context , but keeps this from being perfect in my impatient eyes).

The two halves of this movie are also very different , the first following only one character (Lawrence) on his long travels through the desert and is backed by an abundant musical score. The second half follows two different factions , the Arab and British and takes place in many different locations. They both tie in well together and I'm sure I will enjoy the first half more now , already knowing what happens in the second.

Visually this is gigantic , so many overly ambitious shots of hundreds of things happening at once - I was instantly reminded of another older film that did similar things The Bridge on the River Kwai , which was also directed by David Lean. You think how many things can do they do in the desert ? Apparently a lot. Feelings of emptiness , scenic marvel , spirituality , destiny - all derived from the truly captivating camera work. Tornadoes in the distance , canyons far beyond reach , and the horizon of sand all the pleasures of shooting on location.

Certainly not perfect. Certainly enjoyable.