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The Shining (2 views)

Kubrick has designed one of the most essential and engrossing horror films I've seen , maybe so terrifying to a fault. Like the much more recent Dark Knight , it's two and a half hours of non-stop tension - although I wouldn't want to watch this one alone at night.

Jack Nicholson's powerhouse performance sets the tone for this bleak , black painting of isolation. It is most certainly a picture at that , what I mean is it's less of a moving story - rather it's standing perfectly still. In time you will get to know the family of three and what you don't learn is portrayed through their acting performances. Before they even enter the hotel there is a lot wrong with this family , but as you will see - an evil super-natural Outlook Hotel is not the ideal place to iron out their problems.

Shelley Duvall is a terrific thought-some counter to Jack's emotionally confused madness , she's overly cute and kind - the flip side of her husband who's good is lost within his own cerebral labyrinth. This is a complete package of acting , premise , and vision. Huge wide shots of the hotel dominate the screen time , it's look fits the theme and provides the too comfortable fourth wall that will haunt you throughout.

The Shining is the only movie that I acknowledge as original and engaging art , but it's still not one of my favorites to watch. Even if it is the ultimate horror film , it's so intense to the point where it's hard to enjoy it. I wouldn't put it on par with the fictional Wendy's experience , but it's pretty close.

A powerful horrible experience.