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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
2008 Directed by : Christopher Nolan

The much anticipated sequel to Batman Begins follows Batman's continued struggle against the underworld of Gotham City, a new breed of criminal has come to power, the Joker will push Batman to the very limits of his moral code.

So, by now everybody has read or written a review of the Dark Knight, and while the film is almost everything that the hype promised, there were one or two things that didn't quite come up to the mark.

Firstly, I'm not writting this to fly in the face of the popular status quo, the film is breathtaking and easily the best film of the year so far, but there were a few things that left me a little disappointed.
My main gripe is that personally I didn't feel particularly satisfied with the end to either of the villans' story arc.

Ledger is amazing as the Joker, and whilst I loved Nicholson, for me Ledger is possibly the closest thing we will ever see to the real Joker in the comic books.
Twisted, bitter, crazy and totally out of control, his performance was breathtaking, but am I the only one to feel that as the main villan he deserved a somewhat more iconic ending to his participation in the film?

Secondly, Aaron Eckhart was fantastic as Harvey Dent, but I personally felt that the whole Two face arc was dealt with in a rather hurried and unsatisfactory manner, similar to Venom in the Spiderman film, I wanted to see more of him and his villanous ways on screen.

Similar to the other film, the Rachel Dawes character had little to do and again it felt like it was perhaps a missed opportunity to really flesh out the character, although I have an idea that we might perhaps see a bit more of her in a sequel, I know people will raise eyebrows at this thought, but what did we really see regarding her supposed demise???

I did feel that similar to other sequels that perhaps the Dark Knight suffered from introducing too many key characters in the film, did it really need the Two Face character to be fully used in this film?

So, to sum up, I loved the film, but as stated there were a few minor niggles, the scenes in Hong Kong were amazing, as was the bank heist, I look forward to seeing what Nolan will do if he does indeed come back to conclude a triology of films, as for the rumours, I would love to see Johnny Depp as the Riddler, or perhaps a certain love interest coming back to haunt Batman/ Bruce Wayne???

Rating 4.5/5 close, very close to being the Batman film the public are craving for.