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Iron Man (1 viewing)

Plot : Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) - multi-millionaire weapon designer : is captured by terrorist during a new weapon demonstration. He invents a robotic iron suit to escape the terrorist and once he gets back to America , he is a changed man.

Story : Although I do know of Iron Man - what he looks like , his back story. I've never read an Iron Man comic , nor can I tell you a single one of his enemies - so I couldn't go through this movie saying "hey it's that guy". That aside , the movie is played out very well and owes a lot to it's cast. Tony Stark arrives back in the U.S and announces that his weapons manufacturing company will no longer make weapons - this does not go over well with his business partner Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) who tries his best to take Stark out of the picture. Though I did "like" the majority of the movie - the amazing stuff starts happening once his new Iron Man suit is complete.

Visuals : This is a very mixed bag visual movie. On one hand you got some very good camera work that captures the environment and characters , but sometimes you get bombarded with close ups or very sub-par camera angles. Once you are viewing the CGI parts though - all these problems disappear and the movie looks amazing (including the great action scenes). I only wish that director Jon Favreau could make the whole film look like that.

Synopsis : A very well acted super-hero movie makes up for the sometimes very poor visuals - but once you add the amazing CGI action scenes on top of this : you get a very entertaining movie.