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Blue Velvet (1 viewing)

Plot : Jeffrey Beaumont uncovers a horrible mystery in his suburban community.

Story : This was a very big change of pace from what I've seen from David Lynch up until now. Though Inland Empire and Mulholland Drive had a couple great scenes in them , I don't enjoy either of them as whole films - but the incredibly random surreal environments are left undiscovered in Blue Velvet. The movie goes from showing a pretty normal town to discovering a horrible underlying secret : all through the eyes of the main character Jeffrey Beaumont. The movie is basically everything I enjoyed of David Lynch's other films - but with much more coherent story.

Visuals : This movie would be nowhere without it's strong visual style. Everything looks great , from the bright gardens to the dark apartment. It adds a whole other layer to the film and throws you off guard for whats about to happen next. The scene where the "suave" guy is singing into the light might just be my favorite part.

Synopsis : A great mystery film by David Lynch - all my problems with Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire are absent here : allowing this movie to deliver on a much bigger emotional scale.