Blue Velvet   8/26/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
Many more years of film watching and finally seeing and loving Twin Peaks made me think maybe Lynch was worth another go.

Blue Velvet   12/22/17
by mark f
Anyway, I do give Blue Velvet credit for leading Lynch to create the "Twin Peaks" TV series, something which does what Blue Velvet attempted, but does it far more entertainingly as well as scarier.

Blue Velvet   9/15/14
by Jack1
It's still got the elements that made Lynch famous, and his idiosyncrasies and quirks are plain for all to see, and there are even subtle nods to his other films (I thought so, anyway), but this is still a film that many audiences could get something from, I think.

Blue Velvet   7/22/14
by mrtylerdurden
I didn't like Blue Velvet all that much the first time I saw it, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, and when I can't stop thinking about a movie, that's usually a sign that I need to see it again.

Blue Velvet   3/26/14
by Cobpyth
This is my favorite Lynch film from what I've seen from him so far.

Blue Velvet   3/16/14
by The Gunslinger45
Add in one of the best villain performances by Dennis Hooper, the atmosphere, and the music; and you have a film that almost became my favorite film of all time.

Blue Velvet   11/21/12
by Daniel M
After watching both Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet I can definitely say that the two films have been two of the strangest yet greatest viewing experiences I can recall in recent times, both will certainly not be easily forgotten and I would definitely label them must watch films as I would now lab...

Blue Velvet   7/21/11
by iluv2viddyfilms
It's a film that grows on the viewer and it is oddball director David Lynchs most definitive film.

Blue Velvet   2/28/09
by TheUsualSuspect
After my disappointing time with Eraserhead, I decided to check out some of the Lynch films I have lying around and came across Blue Velvet.

Blue Velvet   5/07/08
by meatwadsprite
Though Inland Empire and Mulholland Drive had a couple great scenes in them , I don't enjoy either of them as whole films - but the incredibly random surreal environments are left undiscovered in Blue Velvet.

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