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Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

A "The Next Best Thing" Quick Review
Aliens vs predator : Requiem

Aliens and Predators meet again in another epic battle for supremacy. The eighth instalment regarding either of the much loved alien races.

Whats rite with it?
The battle scenes are well captured and there shot in an explosive manner to capture the audiences attention. The CGI aliens look even more authentic than the original pairing (Alien vs Predator) and the sound effects have been cleverly recaptured from the original movies including the scores to both which should keep the oldies happy.

Whats Wrong with it?
Complaints from the first movie suggested we got to much character development and not enough action, Greg and Collin Straus have tried to counter that problem by adding much more action than the first gifted us, problem is, now the cast sucks with everything seeming rushed and wafer thin, having such a large cast doesn’t help this problem either.

For the die hard fans who actually give a damn who 'wins', the alien crowd will not be impressed. The Predator character the wolf is the only predator in the whole movie. which leaves us all aware of the fact that the final show down is being reserved for the Predator vs Predalien momment meaning every Alien vs predator fight prior to that is a forgone conclusion taking away from the tension the fans may be feeling as regards who might actually win the individual tussels.


Popcorn Rating

Sorry not even worth a watch, the vast majority wont care to watch a movie that is glaringly missing a plot and the diehards will feel short changed. The result of a drawn out franchise spinoff produced by two overweight special effects guys with big plans, many promises and little knowledge of what it take to direct a good movie.

Please feel free to rate the review and dissagree if you wish, i look foward to hearing your opinions on the review and more importantly the movie itself.

Ceeya Guys