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Blade Runner : The Final Cut (2 DC viewings , 1 FC viewing)

Plot : Incredibly intelligent cyborgs rise up against their owners and escape their slave lifes. Only one man can stop them - he is Rick Deckard and he is a blade runner.

Story : The seperation on what we consider to be important life : more specifically human and close to human robots. Deckard is forced back into his "old" job of retiring escaped cyborgs. Though over the course of the movie he is treated like a menace instead of a hero : eventually this catches up with him - and he must decide what is right.

Visuals : The previous Director's Cut not only had the worst DVD case ever - but a very low quality transfer of picture quality. This time the full potential of the movie's are relized : and the special effects are also improved. (Am I not remembering the film correctly but did the huge apartment complex's lights change from gold to blue as well ? )

Sypnosis : This new visually superior version of the film brings it to life in an incredible way. If you don't think it's a big jump - think again. Meanwhile , this is a thought provoking and beautifull story about intelligence , life , and fairness.