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Delicatessen (1 viewing)

Plot : In a post apocalyptic world - an apartment complex that relies on eating it's new members : runs into problems when a smarter victim arrives.

Story : After seeing an advertisement in the paper - recently retired clown Louison gets a job at delicatessen : though he doesn't know how they treat their newest employee. As Louison starts to do some odd-jobs around the place - his stay starts to become much longer than his predecesors. The longer that Louison is kept alive the more the tennats keep complaining about food to the man in charge of the whole opertation - Clapet the butcher. But , before the butcher can serve up Louison to the others - his own daughter starts a relationship with him : and eventually ruins the cycle of canibalism.

Visuals : The film is mostly dominated by darker browns and reds/oranges and is really enjoyable visually for the most part. Though the colors do go through some very brief periods of different colors - they aren't done well at all. The scene towards the beginning of the film will suck you in not only into the visuals - but the film's story as well.

Sypnosis : An original idea with a not so original story , great visuals with some humor thrown in , and a bleak look into the future of the world.