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Boogie Nights (6+ viewings)

Plot : Eddie Adams (Mark Wahlberg) works at a nightclub cleaning dishes and doing sexual favors for extra money. One night pornographic film maker Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) discovers Eddie's huge d*** and asks him to be in a new movie.

Story : The story on the most part is a rise and fall story similar to Goodfellas . But , there are lots of underlying themes - family being a huge one. As Eddie Adams get's bigger in the porno industry his ego gets bigger and to start it off he changes his name from Eddie Adams to Dirk Diggler . Dirk and his friend Reed (John C. Reilly) rise to the top , but eventually they start using narcotics and everything goes downhill from there. This movie isn't just about two characters though - it's about a bunch : Buck Swope , Maurice Rodriguez , The Colonel , Scotty J , Little Bill , Todd Parker , Floyd Gondolli , Amber Waves , and Rollergirl (played by an all-star cast).

Visuals : Filled with tons of tracking shots and other amazing shots this is easily P.T.A's best movie visually. Along with the very realistic locations the movie takes place.

Humor : Though you don't go into this movie expecting a comedy - there are some parts where you just think it's funny : and some laugh out loud funny parts : again similar to goodfellas.

Sypnosis : The greatest movie ever about porn - if you liked Goodfellas you'll defintly like this too.