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Hairspray (1 viewing)

Plot : Tracy and Pennie's entire lives seem to revolve around one T.V show where kids just sing and dance the whole time. One day Tracy gets on the show and then everything goes crazy.

Story : Takes place during the apparently really racist early 60's , where the best thing in the world is the Corny Collins show - where Tracy makes her mark as a star by singing and dancing. Though the manager of the show despises her for being fat and also for not being racist - as the show goes through changes the manager's schemes become more dangerous. Meanwhile the other characters like Penny (Amanda Bynes) and her parents (Christopher Walken and John Travolta) have their own problems of shyness and jeulousy. The story eventually gives out and becomes about racism over it's characters - which is a shame since there is so much character devlopement.

Music : Most of the song's story twists occur during the musical numbers. Lots of the songs sound different than each other but there are a couple barley creative and energetic songs in it (a problem Dreamgirls suffered from).

Visuals : Even though this movie is rated PG it is busting at the seams with sex. The main character performs many dance moves where even in the characters in the movie say are "extreme" , plus there's lots of small details you'll notice right away that sex was intended to be part of the entertainment here.

Sypnosis : Although for the most part i hate musicals (aside from South Park). This was suprisingly good.