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Twelve Monkeys (Terry Gilliam)

"One Of The Best Time Travel Movies To Grace The Screen"

James Cole is sent back in time to stop a virus that destroys humanity. He must look for clues to lead him to the group known as the 12 monkeys, but is sent too far back in time and ends up as an insane patient in a hospital. Know he must escape the hospital and continue his mission.

With a brilliant script, a unique vision and a superb cast, 12 monkeys makes it mark in cinema history as one of the best time travel movies to grace the screen. 12 Monkeys is a film that will take multiple viewings to comprehend, and even then there is still new aspects of the film that appear to you with every viewing. Everything in this film clicks together so well, making it one of the best films of the 90's.

Terry Gilliam is a director that looks at the world at an angle, he brings this angle to his films. One only has to view his previous films, such as Brazil to see how far off the edge this guy is. With 12 Monkeys he brings us a film that is off the chart is bizarre weirdness, but is able to make the film make sense in the end. Which is hard for any time travel flick. Unlike other films that deal with time travel, 12 monkeys makes the entire act of time travel seem believable. Gilliam has an impressive track record and 12 monkeys is near the top of it.

Brad Pitt stands out in this film as the totally insane patient that befriends Willis. What did Gilliam do to make Pitt so nuts in this film? Simply take away his cigarettes. Maybe Pitt should stop smoking all together and his other films will be as good as this one. Pitt gives this dark and morose film a funny bone. Willis, who normally is mediocre in his films shines here. Along with Stowe, this cast brings a whole new level to the film.

The film itself is off the wall and ahead of it's time. It's dark and brilliant. The only fault would be that in some scenes it drags a bit. 12 Monkeys is a film that will still be talked about in years to come. It is definitely one of the best films for everyone involved. It's madness starts from the first shot right up until the last second, it never lets it's out of place style end. Which is what makes this film so good.