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The Green Slime

The Green Slime -

Few things are scarier than an unstoppable force that cannot be reckoned or reasoned with. This isn't the best sci-fi horror movie to use this trope, but the important thing is that it's never not fun. It's definitely cheesy fun, especially since it's very much a product of its era. It recalls The Simpsons episode where we see a flashback to the Radioactive Man episode where everyone starts go-go dancing for no reason (which happens in this movie, and coincidentally, Batman creator Bill Finger, who Radioactive Man parodies, is a co-writer). That does not mean it's dumb, mind you. For instance, from the rocketships to champagne bottles to a, umm...shapely detonation device, the commentary that the invasion of the green slime monsters is a consequence of the unchecked hubris inherent in space travel is on display for the observant, thoughtful and/or perverted viewer. What's more, there's the beef between officers Rankin (Horton) and Elliott (Jaeckel) over who is really in charge and over the affections of the beautiful Dr. Benson (Thunderball's Paluzzi), which may be cliched, but it adds much-needed gravitas and substance to the main conflict. As for the monsters, their terrifying abilities to spray electricty from their hands and multiply The Thing-style more than overcome their budget appearances.

Again, this is no The Thing or Horror Express. Also, its ending is so pat that it's bound to make you laugh. When it comes to a lighter, more fun and cheesier alternative to such classics, though, I could not think of a better example. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to collect retro toys or model kits afterwards, and I say that with no disrespect towards the movie at all. Oh, and you may not look at your pants the same way again (you will see what I mean).