The Grey Fox   9/25/23
by Torgo
This movie works just as well as a classic western as it does a drug addiction tale, with the drug of course being staging robberies since the best drama comes from whether or not Miner will fall off the wagon, no pun intended.

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb   9/22/23
by Torgo
This entry in Hammer's Mummy series could use more action and less talk - yes, I know mummies don't talk, but that's beside the point - but I enjoyed it well enough and believe it has same appeals of the rest of the company's output.

The Quiet Girl   9/18/23
by Torgo
Clinch deserves praise for her work as C , especially for how gradual she charts her long-time-coming growth.

The Protg   9/15/23
by Torgo
The action also isn't half bad, and since the bad guys are ones for our times - there are few Vietnamese natives on screen despite most of the action occurring there for a reason, in other words - it offers worthwhile catharsis.

Drug War   9/11/23
by Torgo
Johnnie To is at the top of his game in what is one of the best undercover assignment movies I've seen.

Blue Steel   9/08/23
by Torgo
Silver (R.I.P.) is terrifying as Megan's stalker, and with this movie and his work as Alan Dershowitz in Reversal of Fortune, it was a banner year for him, and Curtis also deserves credit for how well she exudes confidence in one moment and abject fear the next.

Immortals   9/04/23
by Torgo
Again, it's worth watching if you also love visually rich experiences, if you're simply in the mood for a decent action movie or if you have even a faint interest in Greek mythology.

Eye of the Tiger   8/31/23
by Torgo
Back on the streets (couldn't help myself) of his hometown after serving time, Busey's Vietnam vet Buck Matthews runs afoul of a drug-dealing motorcycle gang who has seen The Road Warrior one too many times and who have taken over the place in his absence.

Becoming Bond   8/28/23
by Torgo
It's one that defies the odds so much, you will wonder if it was made up (and so does the interviewer, I might add, who interrupts the movie to ask George, "is that true?") You see it in baby Georges fight with a rare kidney condition that causes most sufferers to not live past their teens, becoming...

Knock at the Cabin   8/25/23
by Torgo
The movie's tasteful handling of violence, which I especially appreciate due to Wen being only eight years old, is another nice touch.

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