The Dark Crystal   9/12/21
by Torgo
The movie is labeled as dark fantasy, which I think fits given the subject matter and how revolting the villains are - especially during the dinner scene - but it still manages to be adorable and funny and at just the right times.

The Philadelphia Experiment   9/10/21
by Torgo
A movie that could be described as Back to the Future before Back to the Future - it even has a joke about Ronald Reagan being the president - The Philadelphia Experiment is not the classic that that movie is, but it has enough going for it to make it worth checking out.

Ladyhawke   9/08/21
by Torgo
If '80s cinema is - or should be - known for anything, it's how many quality sword and sorcery movies it has, with this movie being no exception.

Blood & Donuts   9/01/21
by Torgo
Besides Currie's strong performance indicating that it's more curse than blessing, there's the character of Rita (Fiona Reid), one of Boya's victims from the last time he was awake, who's essentially the movie's true villain for how she constantly reminds Boya that what he did to her hardly improved...

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky   8/27/21
by Torgo
If you're a fan of Stephen Chow's movies, Big Trouble in Little China or fantastical, over-the-top martial arts movies in general, you owe it to yourself to see this.

The Green Knight   8/25/21
by Torgo
While I love many movies considered art house fare, the flourishes in movies with this label, whether they're unusual camera angles, lens flare, color saturation, etc.

Luca   8/20/21
by Torgo
The movie has its fair share of familiar tropes from how the three kids' friendship is tested to how much of a manic pixie dream girl Giulia is - she even has red hair - but I can't think of what the movie could have done better, the movie still manages to surprise anyway, and sometimes, it's best t...

Pig   8/16/21
by Torgo
This is a very good movie that, if anything, deserves credit for using a simple story - a hermit, truffle hunter and former master chef (Cage), Robin, searches for his lost pig - to reflect the state of late '10s/early '20s life.

Trespass   8/12/21
by Torgo
The movie's style makes it a relic of its time, especially in its use of camcorder footage courtesy of aptly named audience surrogate gangster Video (T.E.

Torn Curtain   8/01/21
by Torgo
The whole time, I couldn't care about whether Michael and Sarah would make it, so I was left examining what makes the sequence successful and how it compares to similar ones in other Hitchcock spy movies as if I were in a screenwriting class.

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