The Wolf of Snow Hollow   6/23/22
by Torgo
The rest of the cast also hold their own, my favorites being Riki Lindhome as Marshall's partner - whose loyalty likely keeps him employed - and Chloe East as Jim's daughter for how she never hesitates to call out her dad's failings.

The Two Faces of January   6/22/22
by Torgo
I watched it on Father's Day, and while it may actually be an anti-Father's Day movie, watching it on that holiday made the experience all the more resonant.

American Gigolo   6/17/22
by Torgo
Besides the iconic look, what I appreciate the most about the movie - and hopefully not to spoil it too much - is that unlike similar tales about reviled men whose encounter with the genuine or meaningful spells their doom - Carlito's Way and Uncut Gems come to mind - this one has a much different t...

Full Contact   5/27/22
by Torgo
Again, it's not a bad movie, so if you're a fan of Hong Kong action and/or stories that question if there is honor among thieves, you could do worse.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent   5/23/22
by Torgo
In short, it ends up being only mildly satisfying as a movie about Nicolas Cage and mostly satisfying as an action movie as well as one that starts Nicolas Cage, especially compared to most of his output from the last decade.

Vigil   5/19/22
by Torgo
The movie's secret weapon, however, is in the cinematography by a veteran you may not have heard of, but whose work you've probably seen: Alun Bollinger, who helped make the Lord of the Rings movies look as good as they do.

Fallen Angels   5/13/22
by Torgo
label the movie as crime, but it proves that the best movies have several labels because it could easily be filed under romance, drama, or comedy.

The Gunfighter   5/06/22
by Torgo
The movie also proves that genre deconstruction was happening much earlier than Unforgiven, which this movie would pair well with in a double feature.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood   5/04/22
by Torgo
This is a sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying and always entertaining love letter to that era of cinema Tarantino adores so well: the late '60s, which he undoubtedly loves for having as many classic studio movies as classic B movies.

Excalibur   4/29/22
by Torgo
For a 40-year-old movie, I was struck by how good and not dated it looks, at least in comparison to a lot of movies in this genre from this decade.

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