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(2018, Shi)

"Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter.

The above quote from writer Melissa Marr captures what some of us might feel wen it's time to let go of someone we love. Sometimes it's a breakup after years together, and sometimes it's seeing that kid we raised leave the nest. The latter is the basis for this weirdly lovely Pixar film.

Bao follows a Chinese-Canadian woman who is baking a batch of bao for her husband, only to realize one of the buns has come to life. The woman then decides to raise the bun as we see "him" go through different phases of life, from a child to a teenager and eventually a young adult.

I caught this short halfway through a couple of months ago as my kids were watching it, and catching it towards the middle without context was quite funny. But as I went back to watch it full, I was charmed by the story and its simplicity, without sacrificing the emotional weight of what it means to "let go".