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Twenty Something

(2021, Corbin)

"Ever since I became an adult, everything's been a mess. I don't know what I'm doing. And I'm worried I never will."

Twenty Something follows Gia, as she deals with the insecurities of becoming an adult on her 21st birthday. When she goes to a club to celebrate with her older sister Nicole, Gia personifies her feelings in the form of three children of 16, 10, and 1 year old hiding inside a trenchcoat.

Maybe I'm spoiling the twist, since the short starts as we see the "three girls" struggling to be inconspicuous at the club, making you think they ran out. It is in the last act that it is revealed that this is indeed a "twenty something" trying to get a grip on herself. Regardless, I thought it was a clever way to visualize the pains of "adulting" as some of the things we go through might make us feel like we're reverting to our previous "child selves".

The above quote is the realization that Gia comes to in those last minutes, and as harsh as it might sound, it's a realization that I came to several years ago. The fact that as much as we pretend to have a grip on things as adults, the fact is that none of us knows what we're doing and that we're all essentially "wingin' it" through life, just like every generation before us. What's left for us to do is to "get better at it", as Nicole tells Gia, and enjoy the ride.

Twenty Something is probably one of the most adult-oriented of these Pixar SparkShorts, which I thought was refreshing. The 2D animation is pretty cool and, like I said, the way to tell this story was creative and cool. Maybe as adults, we don't know what we're doing, but as far as this short goes, director/writer Apthon Corbin surely knows what she's doing.