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Chris Rock: Selective Outrage

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage
Netflix is behind a ferocious return to the stand up mic for Chris Rock in a 2023 concert called Chris Rock: Selective Outrage that provides the same kind of edgy challenging humor that Rock provided in the 90's on HBO.

As the concert began, shot live from Baltimore, Maryland, with Rock strolling onstage dressed all in white, I have to admit the first thing that flashed through my mind was 1980's Richard Pryor Live from the Sunset Strip, filmed right after the freebasing accident that put him in the hospital because the audience in this concert were obsessed with wanting to hear exactly what happened. Needless to say, I was on pins and needles waiting to hear what Chris would have to say about what happened at the Oscars last year. Of course, he waited until the end of the concert to talk about it. I was immensely impressed with the kind of bold humor that made Chris the king of HBO during the 1990's and a huge improvement over his last concert Tambourine.

As expected, Chris covers a myriad of topics, including a reference to Robert Kardashian and the OJ trial that initially seems kind of a dated subject, but Chris manages to make it work. I loved when he talked about what he felt America's number one addiction is and his answer will definitely surprise you. Chris returned to a Rock staple here: providing jokes that only provided laughs from selected parts of the audience, especially during his tirade regarding abortion, that produced some initial rumbling from the audience, but eventually morphed into some major laughs.

This concert was also the first time I've seen Chris talk about something that most stand-ups love to talk about. This was the first time I've ever heard Chris talk about his daughters. His story about how a field trip to Portugal ended up getting daughter Lola kicked out of school had me on the floor.

And yes, he makes us wait for it, but when he finally gets around to the subject of Will Smith, he is merciless and this final ten minutes of the concert are worth the price of admission. This was the return of the King of HBO, courtesy of Netflix, that returned the Chris Rock to the stand up mic where everything he says is absolutely correct.