Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters   4/04/20
by Gideon58
The documentary documents this film from its initial conception, which is believed to have been Dan Aykroyd, who reveals in this film that the idea for the film actually came from his grandfather, who was a psychologist who studied psychic phenomena.

Earth Girls Are Easy   4/04/20
by Gideon58
This 1988 film finds Davis playing Valerie, a ditzy manicurist who lives in the Valley, who has just learned about her cheating doctor/fiancee then finds her life turned upside down when a spaceship containing three hairy aliens lands.

Christmas in Connecticut   4/03/20
by Gideon58
Screenwriters Lionel Houser and Adele Comandini have created a sophisticated adult comedy that plays a little bit like an extended episode of I Love Lucy which finds the central character pretending to be someone else in order to save her job but doesn't count on actually falling in love.

Onward   4/02/20
by Gideon58
This 2020 animated gem is set in a contemporary fantasy suburb called Mushroomton where we meet a teenage elf named Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) and his older brother, Barley (brilliantly voiced by Chris Pratt)who are given the opportunity to spend 24 hours with their deceased father.

Extract   4/01/20
by Gideon58
The undercurrent of black comedy is still there, but this story just seemed a little safer and more steeped in realism than the other film.

The Hurricane   4/01/20
by Gideon58
Unfortunately, the final third of the film degenerates into a murky crime drama peppered with large doses of melodrama where we watch the Canadians prove Carter's innocence in 20 minutes, while police and courts refuse to budge in their decision since Carter was convicted in 2 different jury trials where the juries were all white.

Help!   3/28/20
by Gideon58
Richard Lester, who directed A Hard Day's Night, once again takes the director's chair for this comic romp which has more of a structured story than the first film, but still never takes itself too seriously, in a story that combines James Bond satire with Pink Panther-style slapstick comedy to provide pretty consistent laughs for most of the running time.

The Banker   3/27/20
by Gideon58
This film fully puts us behind Garrett and Morris and their manipulation of Matt was such a refreshing thing to watch, but the second half of the film becomes a real yet compelling downer as not only do Garrett and Morris bite off more than they can chew, but success goes to Matt's head as well.

Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny   3/26/20
by Gideon58
Filmed in front of a sold-out audience from Cleveland, Hart begins with one of his favorite topics from which he has always been able to mine laughs: his children.

The Invisible Man   3/25/20
by Gideon58
I've never read the novel or seen the story onscreen before, but research revealed that the original story centered on a scientist whose ability to become invisible has him spiral into insanity, but in this film, the focus is not on the scientist, who we learn is an expert in the field of optics, but on his wife, a logical shift of focus in our current "Me too" society, but most likely changes the tone of the original story.

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