Panama Hattie   1/30/23
by Gideon58
MGM didn't put a lot of effort into Panama Hattie, the 1942 film version of the Broadway musical that starred Ethel Merman, that, outside of a couple of terrific musical numbers, doesn't offer a lot in terms of genuine entertainment.

Causeway   1/28/23
by Gideon58
Then it looks like it's about her battle with this doctor to let her return to Afghanistan, but eventually the story settles on the relationship between Lyndsey and James that initially appears to be part of the film's periphery, but by the time we reach the final third of the film, the relationship...

Marked Woman   1/27/23
by Gideon58
Davis is fire and ice as Mary and Humphrey Bogart is effective as the hot shot DA trying to help Mary and bring Vanning down.

To Leslie   1/26/23
by Gideon58
Andrea Riseborough is the executive producer and star of 2022's To Leslie, a gritty and intense family drama that has a problematic screenplay but is so well-directed and well-acted that we almost buy what is being sold here, thanks primarily to a solid performance from Riseborough that has earned h...

Triangle of Sadness   1/25/23
by Gideon58
The film begins strangely at some kind of audition for male models where we meet supermodel Carl, who is planning a luxury cruise with his girlfriend, fellow supermodel Yaya.

National Velvet   1/23/23
by Gideon58
MGM put a lot of money into this film, which ended up earning five Oscar nominations, winning one for Robert Kern's film editing (even though the stunt girl riding for Elizabeth Taylor looks about eight years older than Taylor) and for Anne Revere's brilliantly understated performance as Velvet's mo...

Disenchanted   1/21/23
by Gideon58
The most enjoyable aspect of this film is Adams' terrific performance as Giselle, where we see the poor thing terrified as she sees the wicked stepmother persona try to overtake her normally sunshine ad sugar personality that enchanted everyone in the first film.

Harold and Maude   1/20/23
by Gideon58
The 1971 film Harold and Maude is a cult classic and I'm really not sure why because it took most of the running time for this reviewer to warm up to a story that made absolutely no sense, despite atmospheric direction and charismatic performances from the stars.

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio   1/19/23
by Gideon58
Guillermo Del Toro, who won two Oscars for producing and directing 2017's Oscar winner for Best Picture, The Shape of Water, has triumphed again with an exquisite re-imagining of a classic children story that was brought to the big screen by Disney Studios in 1940, but 2022's Guillermo Del Toro's Pi...

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House   1/18/23
by Gideon58
The film is shot in exquisite black and white and I loved Leigh Harline's music as well.

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