The Laundromat   8/12/20
by Gideon58
Outraged by the settlement she received regarding her husband's death, Ellen begins an investigation that leads to a shell company in Panama, which was set up by a Panama law firm headed by Jurgen Mossack (Oscar winner Gary Oldman) and Ramon Fonseca (Antonio Banderas), who have been setting up shell companies globally, that all lead the viewer into stories revealing the ramifications of what these guys have done including murder, bribery, extortion, tax evasion, and human organ trafficking, and the eventual downfall of it all, which was eventually documented in something called the Panama Papers.

I Wake Up Screaming   8/11/20
by Gideon58
The film actually opens with Frankie and Jill being brought in for questioning about the murder as the story leading up to Vicky's death unfolds in front of the viewer through flashbacks of several different actors.

French Kiss   8/11/20
by Gideon58
The thief, partially worried about getting his jewels back and partially feeling guilty for Kate being stranded in France, attaches himself to Kate while she continues her mission through Paris and Cannes to get Charlie back.

The Four Musketeers   8/10/20
by Gideon58
Since it was originally part of the 1973 film, director Richard Lester and screenwriter George McDonald Fraser assume that the viewer has watched the first film and offers virtually nothing in terms of rehashing the events of the first film.

Fun with Dick and Jane   8/08/20
by Gideon58
Despite some contrived and dated plot elements, the 1977 comedy Fun with Dick and Jane is still worth checking out thanks to the wonderful performances by the stars that make the film seem a lot better than it is.

Inception   8/08/20
by Gideon58
Often we're not sure what is awake here until the abrupt cut to sleep (with a strong assist from film editor Lee Smith and often the viewer's wait to find out what state we're in is unbearably long, but it keep the viewer on its toes.

Pacific Heights   8/06/20
by Gideon58
John Schlesinger, who won an Oscar for directing Midnight Cowboy, shows endless style in his presentation of the story, filling the screen with equal doses of cinematic clues and red herrings that simultaneously pique and confuse the viewer.

Matilda   8/05/20
by Gideon58
The story starts of as a loopy story of family dysfunction that eventually morphs into a black comedy nightmare that walks a thin tightrope between reality and fractured fairy tale.

Opening Night   8/05/20
by Gideon58
The problems start when the theme of the onstage musical starts bleeding backstage and we all of a sudden get these spontaneous musical numbers backstage, all one hit wonders, that spit in the face of the realistic backstage movie that began.

Detective Story   8/04/20
by Gideon58
The film received four Oscar nominations for Wyler, screenwriters Phillip Yordan and Robert Wyler, Eleanor Parker for Best Actress and Lee Grant, in her film debut, as Best Supporting Actress.

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