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(What the F*ck Do You Mean) We Bought a Zoo?


(2023, Sullivan)

"You bought a zoo... Why would you do that?? What do you know about zoos??"
"I don't know. The-the usual amount. I-I-I know it has animals."

Zoos are magical places, with the ability to unite people, mend differences, and heal families... or at least that's what Matt Damon taught us. Which is why Harold (Doug Herbert) wants to buy a zoo in this silly, funny short film from my good friend, Todd Sullivan.

The film follows his enthusiastic presentation to his family, and their subsequent reaction. It is a very simple short, but for the most part, successful in what it wants to do. The comedic timing from Herbert is solid, and the rest of the cast does a good work, especially Kelsey Bell as the daughter.

There is a bit of "fancy" camera movement in the opening that looks great, but might feel a bit "too much" for how simple the short is. But considering that the bulk of it is just two static shots (Dad vs. the family), I think it gives some balance. But the highlight is in the script and the performances. Nothing groundbreaking, but effective.