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Tori and Lokita

'Tori and Lokita' (2022)

Another fine neo-realist piece from the Dardennes brothers. This one focusing on the plight of a young immigrant lady who boards a boat bound for Italy and travels to Belgium with a young boy via the help of two contacts. Unfortunately, penniless, the two are forced to work all sorts of menial jobs, some of which involve some unsavoury characters.

So the exploitation of immigrants is the key theme and as usual the Dardennes get great performances out of the cast, most notably from non actors Joely Mbundu and young Pablo Schils. The Dardennes force us to look at just exactly what lengths some people will go to just to restart their life.

Some critics say this film has a few implausible moments, which might be true but I was able to look past that, because I found the story and message on point. Its yet another good one from this duo.