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The Blob

The Blob (1958) -

Don't you hate when an object from space lands in your small town that unleashes a slime that threatens your neighbors and engulfs your hangouts? That hasn't happened to me, but as this movie demonstrates, it's pretty scary. The movie uses a "less is more" approach like Jaws does when it comes to showing the monster, and for the most part, it's successful. Steve and his pals' warnings being constantly dismissed effectively builds suspense, and even though the monster is a pile of fake jelly, I got a jolt (no pun intended) every time its on screen. Also, as Messiah of Evil, Demons and this movie demonstrate, there are few scarier set pieces than movie theaters, and isn't Burt Bacharach's theme song a banger?

Despite liking how it builds suspense, I wish there were a little more action than talk, and labor laws for children and teenagers must have been different in the '50s than they are now, but I wish the actors playing the teenagers were a bit younger. From the look of them, the cops might as well have been in high school as well! The movie remains a classic monster tale that proves there are consequences to dismissing the intelligent and the warnings of younger generations. Oh, and 80 cents for a movie ticket? Those must have been the days...