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The Consequences of Feminism

(1906, Guy-Blaché)
A film from before 1920

"A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves." --Gloria Steinem

Gender roles are established by society to sorta tell people how to act, speak, dress, and conduct themselves based upon their assigned sex. For example, men work, while women stay home and clean and cook, and if everybody behaves as is expected, there is no harm done. But what if roles were reversed?

Pioneer director Alice Guy-Blaché explores that in this 1906 short film, which features a series of scenes in which men and women roles are reversed. This results in a lot of funny and shocking interactions, primarily because we're not used to see the tables turned; men ironing and cleaning, and women lounging on the couch or fighting in a bar.

I thought this was a really clever and witty short film. It's amazing how many of the things we see in it are still relevant, so I can't imagine how much of a cultural shock it would've been back in 1906. Not necessarily for *what* people are doing, but for *who* is doing it. Let's hope for a world where we don't have to be shocked or surprised by these.